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Cortisone Acne Injections

Big event coming up? Reduce pimples and cysts instantly with cortisone acne injections.

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    A steroid injection is made up of an anti-inflammatory (cortisone) that can instantly reduce the size of pimples and cysts.


    Once injected, the treated area immediately begins to decrease in size and generally will resolve within 24-72 hours.


    Cortisone acne injections are not just for appearances. They can also relieve pain caused by large, deep cysts.


    Reduce inflammation
    and flatten your breakout.

    Cortisone acne injections can be used on your face and body--wherever deep and painful breakouts are causing a problem.

    What to Expect

    • There is no downtime or pain associated with cortisone acne injection–only a quick pinch from the needle at the time of the injection.
    • The needle used is very tiny, and the treatment is quick.
    • The cortisone gets to work right away by shrinking the swollen wall of the cyst.
    • You will notice the cortisone continuing to work over the next 24 hours as the blemish improves.

    Am I a Candidate?

    • Cortisone acne injections are ideal for flattening, softening, and sinking deep cysts or nodules.
    • The cortisone can reduce the chance that a blemish will go on to cause a scar. For this reason, it’s a good option if you are prone to scarring.
    • Ask about cortisone acne injections if you have an inflamed blemish that isn’t healing on its own, a blemish that is painful, or new blemishes surfacing before a big event.

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