PRP Facial


Give your skin an energy boost with growth factors via the prp facial.


*Full results are typical in about two weeks.

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    Target premature wrinkles and sun damage.


    PRP utilizes microneedling or microdermabrasion to create micro-injuries before your platelets are applied on top of the skin.


    Platelets are high in growth hormones and aid in cell turnover. The microneedling stage signals your skin to regenerate.


    The PRP Facial is considered to be extremely safe. Since your own platelets are used for the treatment, there’s not a risk of negative reaction.


    Glowing Complexion
    and firmer skin.

    With the PRP Facial, you can see results of a facelift with no surgery. It can increase elastin and collagen and help to hydrate skin for a fresher look.

    How it Works

    • The PRP Facial is a two-step process.
    • The process begins with drawing blood from your arm, which is then placed into a centrifuge to isolate the platelets. Your blood contains red blood cells and serum–the serum is what contains white blood cells and platelets. The growth factors in platelets are like an energy boost for skin.
    • Microneedling is used to create micro-injuries in the skin before the platelets are spread on top.
    • Numbing cream is used, so you stay comfortable.

    What Comes Next

    • There is minimal downtime involved with the PRP Facial.
    • You may notice some redness for one to two days after the treatment. It’s very important to stay out of the sun (and wear sunscreen) to protect your skin.
    • Makeup should be avoided for one to two days, in most cases.
    • You’ll see full results in about two weeks.
    • The PRP Facial can be performed more than once! Talk to us about a good frequency for your skin.

    let us create a customized plan for you.


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