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6 Myths About Aging Skin


Everyone strives to keep their skin as smooth, firm, glowing and dewy as possible. However, many people have mistaken beliefs about how to go about maintaining their skin in good condition, and their efforts are either a complete waste of time and money or sometimes actually harmful. Here are six common myths about aging skin and skin care:

1. Skin care products work immediately

While skin care products with the correct ingredients will plump, smooth, and lift your skin to a limited degree, these products generally require daily applications for four to eight weeks before results gradually become apparent.

2. You only need sunscreen in the summer

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation goes right through clouds and is still present even when it’s very cold outside. Damage from sunlight is the primary cause of visible skin aging. Sunscreen should be applied every single day regardless of the weather. Also consider using the barrier method, namely wearing hats and sun-blocking clothing that covers your arms and legs. Some of the clothing lines available today will keep you fully protected from the sun and cooler than someone baking their skin in shorts and a tank top.

3. Wrinkles are the first and most prominent sign of aging so all you need is a little Botox

The most glaringly obvious sign of aging is uneven pigmentation in the skin. Children have what is described as a “glowing” complexion because their pigmentation is completely uniform. Even if you treat the wrinkles with Botox, the uneven pigmentation is apparent. Thus, using a product or treatment that fades out clumps of pigmentation is essential.

4. The more skin care products the better

An alarming number of people apply dozens of skin care products to their face every day, which ends up causing serious skin irritation. Most people can maintain their skin with only two or three carefully chosen products.

5. You should exfoliate your skin every day

Some people think you need to exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin cells every single day in order to maintain a glowing complexion. This is completely false and will cause damage to your skin that will make you look older. Most people only need to exfoliate once a week.

6. Moisturizers are all you need

Moisturizers may make your skin feel and look temporarily better, but they don’t actually do anything in regards to warding off skin aging.