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Enhance Your Natural Features with Fillers


Over time, skin loses its youthful appearance and wrinkles become more prominent. Skin may sag and frown lines can make an individual look perpetually unhappy. Dermal fillers are a great way to minimize forehead lines and the signs of aging and enhance natural features without changing a person’s appearance.

Where Dermal Fillers Are Injected

Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of forehead lines, add volume to your lips, or define your jawline, dermal fillers can get the job done subtly and effectively.

Jaw. Fillers injected around the jaw can help add volume, stimulate the production of collagen or hyaluronic acid, and minimize the appearance of sagging, baggy skin and bone loss. Jaw filler can also be used to:

  • Create an oval shaped jawline
  • Reduce the appearance of jowls
  • Add contour
  • Correct an asymmetrical jawline
  • Strengthen or add proportion to the chin
  • Address volume loss in the lower part of the face
  • Create a more defined separation between the neck and jawline

Lips. Both men and women get lip injections to add volume and smooth out lip lines. Results will vary depending on individual anatomy, treatment goals, and the product used. The results of Restylane Silk injections can be seen a few days after the procedure, while JUVÉDERM Ultra XC and JUVÉDERM Volbella offer near-instant results. The duration of results can vary from 10 months to one year.

Cheeks. Fillers can help restore volume and create a more defined look.

Chin. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers can be used to contour and add volume to the chin.

Forehead and crow’s feet. Dermal fillers can add volume, helping to minimize the appearance of wrinkles near the forehead and between the eyebrows.

Hands. Loss of collagen can lead to saggy skin and the appearance of veins. Dermal fillers can add volume and lead to younger-looking hands.

Nasolabial or smile lines. The repetitive contractions of the muscles around the lips combined with the pressure created by gravity can lead to the formation of nasolabial or smile lines. Dermal fillers can help minimize the effects of time and gravity and restore a youthful look.

Popular Brands

Popular dermal filler brands include Restylane, and JUVÉDERM. Which brand or product you use will depend on the treatment goals, your unique facial anatomy, and the treatment area. A trained filler injector, either a physician or plastic surgeon, will help you choose the right filler and the right dosage.

How to Find The Right Filler Injector

When searching for a healthcare professional to perform the injections, it’s important to review their background, including their education, training, and areas of expertise. Dermal injections may be done by a physician or medical professional who has undergone specialized training for injecting the product into the specific treatment area.

Before and after photos could also help you get a sense of the injector’s aesthetic style before you come in for a consultation. But be aware that individual results will vary depending on the product used, your treatment goals, the amount of filler used, and the treatment area.

Bliss Aesthetics is proud to offer a range of dermal fillers and procedures designed to enhance your natural features without changing your appearance. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!