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7 Reasons to Get Dysport Injections For A More Breathtaking You


Dysport is one of the top 10 most popular dermal fillers used in cosmetic procedures in the US. You may have heard of its more famous cousin, Botox, but here’s why you should consider Dysport the next time you head over to The Bliss Room Medical Spa & Wellness.

Invisible Fill

Dermal injections, such as Botox, have been refined over many years. So when it comes to Dysport, you don’t need to worry about ending up with a “frozen face” look. An experienced healthcare and beauty professional will know how to create an injection that will appear completely invisible. The results will be subtle but deliver a noticeable improvement in your appearance.


More Natural Look

Because Dysport injections have a lower concentration of protein than Botox, they spread more evenly across the treatment area and provide a more natural look. Your family and friends will have no idea you just had a Dysport injection at The Bliss Room Medical Spa & Wellness!

Lasting Results

One treatment of Dysport will improve the appearance of your frown lines for up to five months. This means you won’t need to worry about coming in once every few weeks or even once a month for treatment.

In addition, you’ll see results within a week after treatment. So go ahead and take a look in the mirror — those frown lines aren’t coming back any time soon!

Wrinkle-Fighting Power

Love how Dysport stops wrinkles in their tracks? Then you’ll be delighted to hear that Dysport also helps keep new ones from forming.

If you’re undecided about Dysport, then consider the fact that if you start early, your wrinkles won’t have a chance to form. This is because Dysport relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles.

No Downtime

Because Dysport injections are non-surgical, you don’t need to take any time off from work or your daily activities. You won’t need any incisions or stitches and won’t have to worry about scarring or marks. So go ahead and get your Dysport injection done during your lunch hour. When you come back to work, your coworkers will be wondering how you managed to knock off a few years from your appearance in just one hour.

An Effective Alternative to Botox

If you’re a seasoned Botox veteran, then you may start to notice that the injections are gradually becoming less and less effective. This is because the body has developed an immune response to the toxin.

Over time, the immune system gets better at breaking down the toxins before they can effectively relax the muscles and smooth the wrinkles. Fortunately, Dysport is a great alternative. Dysport doesn’t have as many proteins, so the body won’t react as strongly to the toxin, improving results.

No Serious Side Effects

A reasonable worry many people have about injections is the possibility of serious side effects. Most of us draw a line between beauty and safety.

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because Dysport doesn’t cause any serious side effects. Patients may experience mild redness or temporary soreness at the injection site, but rest assured that the procedure is very safe.